Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher

Van Nuys, CA 91405
United States


Mariah began training in Ballet when she was two years old with her parents, Shelley Scott and David McNaughton, of New York City and San Francisco Ballets. Mariah won scholarships for Ballet through the Sonoma County Dance Guild’s Helen Chochrane Scholarship Auditions: 3rd place in the Freshman Division (2005) and 1st place in the Junior (2008) and Senior Divisions (2009).

Ballet Califia—Shelley Scott & David McNaughton (New York City and San Francisco Ballets)
Mariah was a Principal Dancer in Ballet Califia’s Company for 8 years, her parts have included: Juliet in Romeo and Juliet; Odette and Odile in Swan Lake; Becky in Tom Sawyer; Hermia and Titania in A Midsummer’s Night Dream; Clara, Snow Queen, Rose Queen and the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker (just to name a few)
After attending Boston Ballet’s multi-award winning production, reviewer Sheila Barth—a critic in Boston—came to see Ballet Califia’s The Nutcracker…
“McNaughton—Scott’s daughter, Mariah fearlessly leaps through the air as the Sugar Plum Fairy…The graceful teenager also performs a dizzying 32 pirouettes consecutively, leaving the audience in awe”
While in Ballet Califia’s company, Mariah had the honor to be a part of Ballet Califia’s Outreach Program; the company did a special
showing of The Nutcracker every year for school children for half the price of normal ticket sales. For the schools that could not
afford to send their students to The Nutcracker, Ballet Califia had sponsors who would pay to “send a child to the ballet”. One year,
Ballet Califia incorporated kids from the elementary school Brook Hill to be a part of The Nutcracker, and bussed in students from
the school to attend the show.

Boston Ballet—Evelyn Cisneros-Legate (San Francisco Ballet), Christopher Hird (Royal Ballet), Catherine Batchellor (Stuttgart Ballet in Germany; San Francisco Ballet), Christopher Anderson (San Francisco Ballet), Margaret Tracey (New York City Ballet), Misa Kuranaga (San Francisco Ballet; Boston Ballet), Helen Pickett (William Forsythe’s Ballet Frankfurt; San Francisco Ballet), Andre Reyes (San Francisco Ballet), Tai Jimenez (Dance Theater of Harlem), Shannon Parsley (Suzanne Farrell Ballet; Boston Ballet), Jorma Elo (Netherlands Dance Theater)
Mariah received a full scholarship to Boston Ballet’s Summer Dance Program two years in a row and was invited to attend Boston Ballet’s Choreographic Intensive in 2012—admittance to this program is by invitation only. There, she had the honor of working with world-class Contemporary Ballet choreographers: Helen Pickett—a William Forsythe trained dancer and choreographer; and resident Contemporary Ballet choreographer for Boston Ballet, Jorma Elo.
Santa Rosa Junior College—Tamara Statkoun (danced and toured with the Kirov Ballet)
In 2014, Mariah was asked to perform a Ballet solo in one of the SRJC’s Outreach Performances at Santa Rosa Middle School.

Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern & Jazz Funk
In high school, Mariah began training in other styles of dance at Ballet Califia, Boston Ballet, ArtQuest Dance Company, The Dance Center, Santa Rosa Junior College and Edge Performing Arts Center. Mariah has been a member of Modern Companies, including: ArtQuest Dance Company, DC Gravity Modern Company, Surge Dance Company, SRJC Dance Ensemble, SRJC Dance Production Company and her own Modern Company MSM. In addition, she has been a member of the Hip Hop Crews Secret Society and Mayhem. In Summer 2013, Mariah attended Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop “on the road” where she had the pleasure of working with Christy McNeil—dance teacher at CalPoly, Raquel Medina (Dancer with Go2 Talent Agency) and Malaya (teacher at Edge Performing Arts Center).

Ballet Califia—In March 2012, Mariah performed her Lyrical solo that she choreographed, Hero at NYCDA. She received scores of 95 and
higher—out of 100—from each of the four judges
ArtQuest Dance Company—In ArtQuest Dance Company, Mariah won awards for Best Technique all four years that she was a dancer in the
company as well as Most Dedicated and Most Likely to Be a Professional Dancer. In addition to these awards, Mariah was picked to
receive the ArtQuest Dance Award out of all of the dancers in the program; it was presented to her by the Dean of the ArtQuest
Program, Jan Sofie. While in the program, Mariah was voted in by her fellow company members to be an Officer for the Company
and had the opportunity to be a part of the outreach performance the company did for school children every winter. The company
also travelled to the Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts to perform a couple times per year.
Santa Rosa Junior College—In Spring 2012, Mariah auditioned to be in Malaya’s piece—teacher at Edge Performing Arts Center. Mariah was
one of the eight dancers picked, out of more than thirty dancers who auditioned, to be in the piece. She was also the only dancer
picked who was not already a member of the SRJC Dance Production, that year.

As a student in the Dance Department at SRJC Mariah was personally invited to perform a Ballet solo at the local middle school for
their Multi-Cultural week, by the Director of the Dance Department Debbe Ann Medina.

Mariah was a member of the SRJC Dance Ensemble Company in Winter 2012&2013. This company toured around to the different schools in Sonoma County to put on free outreach performances all throughout December. While in the Company, she was a featured dancer and had lead roles including: Cinderella, and Wendy (from Peter Pan) in 2012. In 2013, Mariah had the lead role in a dance choreographed by the Company Directors, called “Hunger and Hope”. She was asked to choreograph a lyrical solo for herself that she performed directly following the dance.

Mariah was a member of the SRJC Production Company in Spring 2013&2014. In 2013 she auditioned a lyrical solo that she choreographed, “Unrequited”. It was the only solo in the show that year; in addition to this piece, she was a lead dancer in “Cell Block Tango”. In 2014 Mariah was chosen through a lengthy audition process to be a dancer in six pieces. In addition to these pieces, she was picked for a Faculty piece—choreographed by the Director of the Dance Program—and for the Guest Artist, Alex Blitstein’s, piece.

Hip Hop
When Mariah was 18, she took a hip hop class with Michael Harris, former dancer of AOV (Academy of Villains) hip hop crew. Afterward, he invited her to join his hip hop crew “Secret Society”. Mariah has also been a member of the SRJC Hip Hop Crew “Mayhem”.
Master Classes
Mariah has had the honor to dance in classes with Complexions Contemporary Ballet, ABT II, Ailey II, Bad Boys of Dance, Joe Goode Dance Company and Boston Ballet. In the Complexions Contemporary Ballet class, Mariah was asked by Principal Dancer—Mark Caserta—to perform the combination for the class, by herself.
Character Dancing
Boston Ballet—Alla Nikitina
Boston Ballet—Peter Donohoe

Mariah began teaching when she was fifteen years old. She has taught a variety of age groups—from three years old through adults—different styles of dance, including: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Jazz Funk and Contemporary Dance. Mariah has taught at: Ballet Califia, ArtQuest Dance, The Dance Center, Center Stage Dance, Healdsburg Ballet, and at O’Brien Center of the Arts. Mariah has also been a teacher in after school programs including the Arts Enhancement Program at the Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts—which included both Elementary and Middle School students; in 2016 Mariah was the dance teacher for the Lacer After School Program at Le Conte Middle School—here she taught middle school aged students 3 hours a day 4 days a week. The classes included multiple dance techniques and styles as well as choreography, and she was required to submit lesson plans every month that applied to the California State Standards for Dance and Academics. In addition to this Mariah is currently on the board of the Sonoma County Dance Guild, a non-profit that raises scholarship money for dancers in Sonoma County.

Mariah has been choreographing dance pieces to be performed ever since she was eight years old when she first participated in Ballet Califia’s Choreographic Intensive. Since then, Mariah has choreographed for many different Schools, Companies, and Performances etc. in dance styles including: Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, Musical Theater and Burlesque.

ArtQuest Dance Company—Mariah choreographed four pieces in the four years that she was a member of the company. The first piece she
premiered there was a Ballet piece to Jim Brickman’s “Waterfall” (Winter 2009); her second piece was a Modern piece to the song
“Ruska” by Apocalyptica (Spring 2010); the third was a Contemporary piece to the song “Lux” from the movie Requiem for a
Dream(Winter 2010); and her final piece was a Lyrical piece to the song “Hallelujah” by Allison Crowe (Spring 2011)
NYCDA—In March 2012, Mariah performed her Lyrical solo that she choreographed, Hero. She received scores of 95 and higher—out of 100—
from each of the four judges. She also choreographed her first Contemporary group piece to be competed that year called Strings Attached. It received a High Silver Award.
Ballet Califia—In June 2012, Mariah’s Contemporary Company MSM put on their first performance. The program consisted of Mariah’s
choreography—a total of 12 works including dance styles such as: Contemporary Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Musical Theater, Burlesque and
Contemporary Jazz. In addition to doing the choreography, Mariah designed and made the costumes for this show.
Boston Ballet Choreographic Intensive—In August 2012, Mariah attended this choreographic Intensive where she had the pleasure to work
with choreographer Helen Pickett (a William Forsythe trained dancer) as well as Jorma Elo (resident Contemporary Ballet
choreographer for Boston Ballet). Mariah choreographed a Contemporary Ballet piece for their end-of-session performance.
SRJC Dance Ensemble—In Winter 2012, Mariah was asked to choreograph a short piece for the Company’s show. In Winter 2013,
Mariah choreographed a theatrical opening piece for the entire company. In addition, the Directors asked her to choreograph a
lyrical solo for herself to be included that year.
SRJC Production Company—In Spring 2013 Mariah auditioned a lyrical solo that she choreographed “Unrequited” for the show “Life As We
Know It”, It was the only solo in the show that year. In Spring 2014, Mariah choreographed a Jazz Funk piece for the Company’s show “Dreamscapes”. Her piece was one of two pieces picked to be a large group number.
Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop—In Summer 2013, Mariah was invited to perform her Lyrical solo “Unrequited” at the Workshop’s end-of-
session showcase, alongside the Professional Faculty pieces.
California Community Colleges Convention—In November 2013, Mariah was hired to choreograph a dance piece for the California Community
Colleges Convention in San Francisco. The dance piece included 7 male dancers, 8 female dancers and multiple styles of dance
including: Contemporary, Jazz, Jazz Funk and Hip Hop.
O’Brien Center of the Arts—Mariah was hired to choreograph a Lyrical piece, as a part of the school’s production of “The Twelve Dancing
Princesses” presented in May 2014.
The Dance Center—Mariah choreographed two Ballet pieces to be performed in the studio’s June Show 2014. One of the pieces was a Jazzy-
Ballet number to Michael Bublé’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and the other piece was a classical Ballet piece.


Choreography Col 1 Choreography Col 2 Choreography Col 3
"Waterfall" BalletDecember 2009ArtQuest Dance Company
"Ruska" ModernMay 2010ArtQuest Dance Company
"Strings Attached" ContemporaryDecember 2010ArtQuest Dance Company
"Hallelujah" LyricalMay 2011ArtQuest Dance Company
"Hero" LyricalMarch 2012NYCDA
"Strings Attached" ContemporaryMarch 2012NYCDA
"Prelude" ContemporaryJune 2012MSM Contemporary
"Perfect" LyricalJune 2012MSM Contemporary
"Burlesque" BurlesqueJune 2012MSM Contemporary
"Poison and Wine" LyricalJune 2012MSM Contemporary
"Cell Block Tango" Musical TheaterJune 2012MSM Contemporary
"Everything" JazzJune 2012MSM Contemporary
"Poisoned In Love" ModernJune 2012MSM Contemporary
"For Blue Skies" Contemporary BalletJune 2012MSM Contemporary
"Footloose" TheatricalJune 2012MSM Contemporary
"Fight, Flight or Freeze" Contemporary BalletAugust 2012Boston Ballet Choreographic Intensive
"Flowing Through" LyricalWinter 2012"Once Upon A Time" SRJC Dance Ensemble
"I Can't Make You Love Me" LyricalSpring 2013"Life As We Know It" SRJC Dance Production
"I Can't Make You Love Me" LyricalSummer 2013Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop Showcase
"Let's Go" Hip Hop, House, Jazz Funk, JazzNovember 2013California Community Colleges Convention in San Francisco
"Wedding Cake" TheatricalWinter 2013SRJC Dance Ensemble
"Hunger and Hope Solo" LyricalWinter 2013SRJC Dance Ensemble
"Run the World (Girls)" Jazz FunkSpring 2014"Dreamscapes" SRJC Dance Production
"Firefly" LyricalMay 2014"Twelve Dancing Princesses" O'Brien Center of the Arts
"Dreaming" BalletJune 2014Dance Center
"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" Jazzy-BalletJune 2014Dance Center
Dance Col 1 Dance Col 2 Dance Col 3
Ballet Califia CompanyBallet, Contemporary Ballet, Neo-Classical Ballet2008-present
DC Gravity Modern CompanyModern2007-2008
ArtQuest Dance CompanyImprovisation, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Musical Theater2007-2011
MSM ContemporaryContemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Improvisation, Contemporary Ballet2011-2012
SRJC Dance Ensemble CompanyJazz, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Lyrical2012 & 2013
Secret Society Hip Hop CrewHip Hop, House, Popping, Breakdance2012-2013
SRJC Dance Production CompanyJazz, Modern, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, Musical Theater2012, 2013 & 2014
Mayhem Hip Hop CrewHip Hop, Breakdance, Lyrical Hip Hop2014
Teaching Col 1 Teaching Col 2 Teaching Col 3
Ballet CalifiaBallet, Pointe, Partnering, Variations, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Improvisation2008-2015
ArtQuest DanceBallet, Modern, Partnering, Contemporary, Lyrical2007-2011
The Dance CenterBallet, Modern, Jazz, Improvisation, Pointe2010-2014
Center Stage DanceBallet, PointeSubstitute
Healdsburg BalletBallet, Pointe, Variations, JazzSubstitute/Master Teacher
Santa Rosa Charter School for the ArtsBallet2011-2012
O'Brien Center of the ArtsBallet, Jazz, Lyrical, Jazz Funk, Master Teacher2014-present
LACER After School ProgramsSpirit Squad/Dance Instructor at Le Conte Middle School2016
Stage Col 1 Stage Col 2 Stage Col 3
"Romeo and Juliet" (February 2013)JulietBallet Califia Company
"Swan Lake" (Spring 2009, Fall 2009 & Fall 2012)Odette; OdileBallet Califia Company
"Tom Sawyer" (Spring 2005, Spring 2010 & Spring 2014)BeckyBallet Califia Company
"A Midsummer's Night Dream" (Spring 2010 & 2013)Hermia; TitaniaBallet Califia Company
"The Nutcracker" (December 2005-2013)Clara; Snow Queen; Rose Queen; Sugar Plum FairyBallet Califia Company
Winter Company Show (2007)DC Gravity Modern Company
JUMP (Spring 2008)DC Gravity Modern Company
Company Dance (Spring 2008)DC Gravity Modern Company
"Pulse" (December 2008)ArtQuest Dance Company
"Currents" (May 2009)ArtQuest Dance Company
"Phantom of the Opera" (Summer 2009)North Bay Dance Festival
"Gravitational Frameworks" (Winter 2009)Surge Dance Company
"Idiosyncrasy" (December 2009)ArtQuest Dance Company
"Contagious" (December 2010)ArtQuest Dance Company
"Synergy" (May 2011)ArtQuest Dance Company
NYCDA (Spring 2012)"Hero"MSM Contemporary
NYCDA (Spring 2012)"Strings Attached"MSM Contemporary
"Signs and Symbols" (May 2012)SRJC Dance Production Company
Repertory Show (June 2012)MSM Contemporary
"Choreographic Intensive Showcase" (August 2012)Boston Ballet Choreographic Intensive
"Once Upon A Time" (Winter 2012)SRJC Dance Ensemble Company
"Life As We Know It" (May 2013)SRJC Dance Production Company
"Let's Go" (November 2013)California Community Colleges Convention SF
"Food for Thought" (Winter 2013)SRJC Dance Ensemble Company
"Dreamscapes" (May 2014)SRJC Production Company
Training Col 1 Training Col 2 Training Col 3
Ballet Califia2005-presentBallet, Pointe, Partnering, Variations, Choreography, Repertory
The Dance Center2007-2008Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Repertory
ArtQuest Dance2007-2011Improvisation, Choreography, Repertory, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Ballet
Boston Ballet Summer Dance Program2008 & 2009Pilates, Ballet, Pointe, Partnering, Jazz, Modern, Variations, Repertory
Santa Rosa Junior College2011-2014Ballet, Lyrical Jazz, Choreography, Repertory
Edge Performing Arts CenterSummer 2012; March 2013; October 2013; March 2014; July 2014Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop
Boulder Jazz Dance WorkshopSummer 2013Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Repertory
Skills Col 1 Skills Col 2 Skills Col 3


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