Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher

new york, NY
United States


Monica Kathleene Hogan
Choreographer, Teacher, Dancer, Photographer, Videographer

Monica Hogan is a professional choreographer, dancer, and teacher based in New York City. She has been dancing for 21 years and teaching/choreographing dance for over 7 years.

Monica was the winner of the 2012 Louis Sudler Prize in the Creative and Performing Arts from Duke University, where she graduated with distinction as a dance major in choreography and performance. While there, Monica had the opportunity to learn from artists including Alonzo King, Alvin Ailey, Chunky Move, Mark Dendy, David Dorfman, Donald Byrd, Shen Wei, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Nederlands Dans Theatre, and more. Her repertory includes Twyla Tharp’s Eight Jelly Rolls and Torelli, along with countless works by acclaimed dance faculty. Monica’s choreography has appeared on national and international stages, and she has directed three of her own annual productions of Heartwork. As an artistic director and choreographer for the Duke University Dancers, Monica has also traveled throughout China as a part of a summer performance tour.

Monica is known for creating choreographic works with, “...a clarity of vision, musicality and an architectural quality... At the same time, her work is inherently human, and explores the complexity of human
relationships.” (Keval Khalsa, Director of the Duke Dance Program)

Monica is also a freelance photographer and videographer. She choreographed, directed, and produced her first dance-film, titled "Ekleipsis", in collaboration with Elon film student Clinton Edmondson. In 2011, she choreographed, filmed, and produced her second dance film, "Give Back My Heart," in collaboration with professional composer and musician, Mark Thysell.


Film & Television Col 1 Film & Television Col 2 Film & Television Col 3
"Give Back My Heart" (2011)Duke UniversityChoreographer/Director/Producer
"Ekleipsis" (2009)Duke UniversityChoreographer/Director/Producer
"The Dream Project" (2010)David Norwood (Choreographer/Director)Dancer
Music Videos Col 1 Music Videos Col 2 Music Videos Col 3
"Werq9"Defining MovementDancer
"Bottom of the River"Delta RaeDancer
Choreography Col 1 Choreography Col 2 Choreography Col 3
"The Habit of Living" (2011)November Dances, Duke UniversityChoreographer
Duke University DancersChina Performance Tour (2011)Choreographer
"On the Isle of the Sirens" (2011)ChoreoLab, Duke UniversityChoreographer
"Smokey Taboo" (2011)Defning Movement, Duke UniversityChoreographer/Dancer
"Dance Is..." (2011)HEARTWORK, Duke UniversityChoreographer
"Sawdust and Diamonds" (2011)HEARTWORK, Duke UniversityChoreographer
"Sinking Soon" (2011)HEARTWORK, Duke UniversityChoreographer
"Garage Glamour" (2011)HEARTWORK, Duke UniversityChoreographer
"Sin in Syncopation" (2011)HEARTWORK, Duke UniversityChoreographer
"Common Threads" (2010)November Dances, Duke UniversityChoreographer
"The Music Box" (2010)Defining Movement, Duke UniversityCo-choreographer/Dancer
"Winter Song" (2010)Blessed Trinity Dance CompanyChoreographer
"Zephyr" (2010)ACDF, Duke UniversityChoreographer/Dancer
"Lifestrokes" (2010)HEARTWORK, Duke UniversityChoreographer
"Hyperballad" (2010)HEARTWORK, Duke UniversityChoreographer
"Chemistry" (2010)Defining Movement, Duke UniversityChoreographer/Dancer
"Idioteque" (2010)HEARTWORK, Duke UniversityChoreographer/Dancer
"Clairvoyance" (2010)HEARTWORK, Duke UniversityChoreographer
"Virga" (2010)HEARTWORK, Duke UniversityChoreographer
"Ekleipsis" (2009)Independent Film, Duke UniversityChoreographer/Director/Dancer
"Unfolding" (2009)Duke UniversityChoreographer/Dancer
"Distortion" (2009)Defining Movement, Duke UniversityChoreographer/Dancer
"The Wild Party" (2009)Blessed Trinity Dance CompanyChoreographer
"La Chaise" (2009)Duke UniversityChoreographer/Dancer
"The Dynamo of Volition" (2009)Duke UniversityChoreographer/Dancer
"The Moment I Said It" (2008)Duke UniversityChoreographer/Dancer
"The Beauty of Speed" (2008)Blessed Trinity Dance CompanyCo-choreographer/Dancer
"Wild Horses" (2008)Blessed Trinity Dance CompanyChoreographer/Dancer
"After All" (2008)Blessed Trinity Dance CompanyChoreographer/Dancer
"Dangerous" (2008)Blessed Trinity Dance CompanyChoreographer/Dancer
"Shakalaka Baby" (2008)Blessed Trinity Dance CompanyChoreographer/Dancer
The Pajama Game (2008)Blessed Trinity Theatrical AllianceChoreographer/Dancer
"Shake and Pop" (2008)Blessed Trinity Dance TeamChoreographer/Dancer
Barnum (2007)Blessed Trinity Theatrical AllianceChoreographer/Dancer
"Idlewild" (2007)Blessed Trinity Dance TeamChoreographer/Dancer
"JT Medley" (2007)Blessed Trinity Dance TeamCo-choreographer/Dancer
"All In Your Mind" (2007)Blessed Trinity Dance TeamChoreographer/Dancer
"Sparkling Diamonds" (2007)Blessed Trinity Dance CompanyChoreographer/Dancer
"Breathe, Stretch, Shake" (2006)Blessed Trinity Dance TeamChoreographer/Dancer
"Get Up" (2006)Blessed Trinity Dance TeamChoreographer/Dancer
"Strongest Suit" (2006)Blessed Trinity Dance CompanyChoreographer/Dancer
Dance Col 1 Dance Col 2 Dance Col 3
"Object Lessons"Tyler Walters - Duke UniversityDancer, Soloist
"Torelli"Twyla Tharp - Duke UniversityDancer
"Eight Jelly Rolls"Twyla Tharp - Duke UniversityDancer
"Echoes of Fire and Transformation"Barbara Dickinson - Duke UniversityDancer
"The House Party"Julie Walters - Duke UniversityDancer/Visual Design
"White"Tyler Walters - Duke UniversityDancer
"Trouble In Your Mind"Andrea Woods-Valdes - Duke UniversityDancer
"The Outsiders"Tyler and Julie Walters - Duke UniversityDancer, Soloist
"The Face of the Hunt"Nina Wheeler - Duke UniversityDancer
Teaching Col 1 Teaching Col 2 Teaching Col 3
9th Street Dance (2009-2010)Durham, NCInstructor
Musical Theatre Camp (2008-2010)Blessed Trinity High SchoolInstructor/Choreographer
Stage Col 1 Stage Col 2 Stage Col 3
"A Passionate Night" (2011)Universiade Games; Shenzhen, ChinaDancer/Performer
Training Col 1 Training Col 2 Training Col 3
Blessed Trinity Dance ProgramCompany Dancer2004-2008
The Georgia Ballet Upper SchoolStudent2005-2008
Centre Stage School of DanceCompany Dancer1991-2005
Production/Direction Col 1 Production/Direction Col 2 Production/Direction Col 3
Duke University DancersChina Performance Tour (2011)Artistic Director
HEARTWORK (2010, 2011)Duke UniversityChoreographer/Director
Other Col 1 Other Col 2 Other Col 3
Duke Univeristy Dance ProgramAdministrative Intern2008-present
American Ballet TheatreMarketing InternSummer 2011