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Doctors in the U.K. Will Prescribe Art to Support Mental Health

Doctors in the U.K. Will Prescribe Art to Support Mental Health

So, let's say that you're not feeling so great one day. You go to the doctor and describe your symptoms: you're tired, can't seem to get out of bed, you're feeling a little isolated and lonely. And your doctor hands you a prescription for... dance classes? It may seem a little unconventional and...

Happy New Year 2019 from DancePlug

Wrap Up 2018 With Our Valuable Dance Article Picks

Well, Pluggers, now that 2018 is winding to a close, we wanted to look back on some of our articles in case you've missed them. Take a look at our list below.


"The Favourite" featuring Rachel Weisz and Joe Alwyn

“The Favourite” Royal Dance-Off is the New Favorite

We've been talking about dance in the film world a lot lately. And while there's absolutely a time and place to analyze movies that are specifically about dance, I think there's also...

Feast On These Dance Videos Starring Ziegler, Polunin, and K-Flow

Feast On These Dance Videos Starring Ziegler, Polunin, and K-Flow

Happy Weekend, Pluggers! Congratulations on surviving another week. Here are three new dance videos that will inspire you and give you a boost to enjoy your days off.

1. Hozier and Polunin Officially Team Up

This isn't the first time Sergei Polunin has ripped our hearts out to t...

Mariah Spears

Welcome to the Team, SYTYCD Alum Mariah Spears!

We are so excited to officially welcome the gorgeous Mariah Spears to DancePlug. She's been featured on some of our tutorials before, as an assistant for Gina Starbuck; now, she'll be creating her own series of tutorials for you as our newest hip-hop and jazz funk ins...

Black is the new #BalletPink

Black is the new #BalletPink

Pointe shoes have officially taken on new colors! What colors, you may ask? Ballet Bronze and Ballet Brown to be exact. And all we have to say is...“it’s about flipping time!” 

"Ballet pink" has long been the color of ballet - flat ballet shoes, tights, tutus, pointe shoes. For years, dan...

Rob McElhenney and Kylie Shea in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Photo: FXX

"It's Always Sunny" Gives You A Major Dance Duet

When you think of a dance show, you probably don't think of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But the 13th season finale episode that aired last week, which was titled "Mac Finds His Pride," proved that any TV show can become a dance show for a day if you get the right people involved!...

Sonya Tayeh to Choreograph Fox's Rent Live!

Sonya Tayeh to Choreograph Fox's Rent Live!

Get ready for a lot of flannel and some major 90's nostalgia, ya'll, because Rent is coming to your television screens. The hit Broadway musical will make the jump to television on Fox on Sunday, January 27th. 

There are some pretty big names signed on to this production! Vanessa Hudgens,...