Jojo Diggs


Jojo,​ woman of God from Virginia, proudly representing Culture Shock and MOPTOP. She has traveled to 25 countries, grown up with two teachers as parents, and trained in multiple styles of both freestyle and studio choreography. ​Her love for dance started as a young teen with party dances with her brother, but she didn't officially started training in dance until ballroom at 22 years of age. Her love and skill for dance was then crafted in the clubs and cyphers. She has battled, judged, and taught all over the world in Freestyle and House competitions. She loves dance, community building, and the psychological impacts of the classroom and the theatre. Her main influences are Chaz “Asiatic” Cabonce, Club Red, Brian "Footwork" Green, Henry Link, Marjory Smarth, Brooklyn Terry, Jade "Soul" Zuberi, and always Christ, music, and cyphers as a whole. Founder of Diggs Deeper, her goal in life is to bring people together to express freely their truest self, to uncover that the biggest dreams are always attainable, and to enjoy the ride.