Engaging with us on social media only takes a moment of your time, but it is SO important for visibility for us (and for you!).

Here are some simple ways to engage:

  • follow us on all social media channels
  • if you see a post that features you, please like, comment, or share
  • put clips of your DancePlug online tutorials up on social media and TAG US so we can share/regram/retweet!
  • take photos of the filming process (if you don’t want to share on your personal feed, feel free to email them to me and I will share from our channels)
  • if you teach at a studio and post clips of your classes or combos, make sure to tag us too!
  • @danceplug FACEBOOK

  • This platform is especially important, because the algorithm praises each and every like and comment! The more likes we get, the more our posts are seen.

  • @danceplug INSTAGRAM

  • Since Instagram is now owned by Facebook, the algorithm is similar. Posts are not necessarily organized on feeds by time of posting anymore - likes play a large part of how high up we appear in our followers feeds.

  • @danceplug TWITTER

  • All of our content is shared on twitter (auditions, contests, new class videos, etc). Please like or retweet if you see something that interests you!

  • @danceplug YOUTUBE

  • Previews of all of of your classes and combinations go up on our channel, and you each have your own playlist you can link to directly!