DancePlug is composed of an amazing team of accomplished and dedicated hosts, writers, videographers and video editors. Staying true to DancePlug's mission to provide genuine and educated dance information, the majority of the Team is directly involved in the professional world of dance, as performers, teachers and/or choreographers.

DancePlug Co-Director and Online Dance Tutorial Instructor Anh Dillon
Director, Designer, Writer, Instructor

Anh Dillon

DancePlug Co-Director and Online Dance Tutorial Instructor Glyn Gray
Director, Editor, Videographer, Instructor

Glyn Gray

Social Media, Writer

Anne Carr

DancePlug Online Dance Tutorial Instructor Benjamin Allen
Host, Instructor

Benjamin Allen

DancePlug Host Brittany Perry-Russell

Brittany Perry-Russell

Carmit Bachar
Guest Host

Carmit Bachar


Chieko Hidaka

DancePlug Host G Madison IV

G Madison


Ingrid Graham

DancePlug Host Jason Carter

Jason Carter

DancePlug Host Scott Hislop

Scott Hislop