Choreographer, Teacher

los angeles, CA
United States


Kevin "Tokyo" Inouye has taken the IDEAL journey up to where he is now, and that is due to his hard work and dedication towards his students and his teaching. If you have ever taken a class with Tokyo, you know that he starts every class with a talk, and ends it in a talk as well. Tokyo is more than just a choreographer, he is an honest teacher. Tokyo started off doing most of his work with Steps Dance Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Last year Tokyo made the decision to move to LA and take his career to the next level. Those who have been to Los Angeles and know dance, know that Millenium is one of the hottest spots to take class from some of the best choreographer out there. Well, Tokyo wasn't living in LA for more than a few months before he landed a weekly job at Millenium.
Tokyo has started his own company (TOKYOtheCOMPANY) and is touching the lives of his students in every way he can, making him one of the most feared choreographers in the industry by fellow choreographers. His popularity is blowing through the roof and seems to consistently growing as each day goes by.
Tokyo has been fortunate enough to have done master classes and choreography in the US, Canada, Finland, Poland, Costa Rica, Australia, France and UK for many studios, companies, casinos and colleges, most notably the prestigious Juilliard School.
He has also been invited to teach on several main stream dance conventions including Coastal Dance Rage, NRG Dance Project and Intrigue Dance Intensive, just to name a few.



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