Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher

Destin FL, FL
United States


Born In the US(Panama, City FL). Wasn't trained up in dance as a kid but I was greatly influenced by what I saw on T.V. From there I began to mimic the moves I saw for years growing up. I realize after those many years that I could actually move well. The feed back I was getting from others was positive so dance began to take residence in my life and more so my mind which is where a lot of my dancing takes place. As I got older and more in tune with my body I started to understand technique and my eyes picked up on the movements of the body pretty well. I realized after some time that I was born to do it. Dance is Always on my mind. I had a desire in my heart as a young teen to travel and teach choreography on a stage with 100s of kids in a auditorium of some magnitude. It resonates now more than ever. Most importantly I have come to faith in Jesus Christ so my chief end is to honor him and what he has done for me through the medium of dance and its creative expressions.



Dance Col 1 Dance Col 2 Dance Col 3
Johnny OConvention CenterCrew Performance
Salt and Light Dance Arts FestivalPerformerSolo
Your Voice Open Mic NightSinger/Dancer DuetThe Dancer
Teaching Col 1 Teaching Col 2 Teaching Col 3
The StageWorkshopInstructor
YmcaHip HopInstructor
Infinity Art In MotionHip HopInstructor
Infinity Art In motionFitnessInstructor
Florida Youth ProgramHip HopInstructor
Training Col 1 Training Col 2 Training Col 3
The School of Contemporary DanceBegBallet
The School of Contemporary DanceBegModern
The School of Contemporary DanceAdvHip Hop
Joy Performing ArtsBegBallet
The Orlando Russian BalletBegStretch and Fitness
Production/Direction Col 1 Production/Direction Col 2 Production/Direction Col 3
Manor Pro Wrestling EventVideographer
Skills Col 1 Skills Col 2 Skills Col 3
Music ProductionFL Studio
VideographerI Movie


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