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Start a REVOLUTION for YOUR EVOLUTION! Only you can make your dreams and goals happen, find your fire and run with it!

1 January 2013

Choreography/Artistic Direction: Gigi Torres
Song: "Revolution" by Diplo ft Faustix & Imanos and Kai
Music Editor: Chadd Moreau
Cinematographer/Editor: Shar Adrias x movements by Shar

Dorian Rhea
Ivan Corral
Ryan Siu
Iyabo Akinruli
Christy Ripa
Evelina Lisauskaite
Krista Ellensohn
Kevin Torio
Kirstie Beck
Brittany Harlin
Olivia Perozzi
CJ Bassig-Santos
Ozzie Leyva
Kelley Bode
Marcus Leaks
Lola Lamme
Erica Andrus
Leila Henry
Chris Xayrath