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Award-winning “Chandelier” choreographer preps for new projects, Stephen Petronio’s company take on other artists’ work, a prank gone wrong loses a dance team coach her job, TSwift takes on a tutu for her latest vid, and David Hallberg keeps his fans in-the-know as he recovers from ankle surgery.

DancePlug Instructor Gus Bembery

Featured Instructor

Gus Bembery

Gus Bembery has been teaching hip hop for 20 years. He first taught in Los Angeles at Edge PAC, Millenium and Debbie Reynolds Studio. Since then, students from abroad have invited him to teach around the world, starting with Italy and Japan. Word of mouth made him a popular guest overseas, and he continues to teach worldwide: throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Africa, Australia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, and the U.S. When he is home, he can be found subbing classes at Edge PAC.
Exclusive Interview with

Take a sneak peek at Shaping Sound rehearsal, as the DancePlug Team talks to co-founders Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, Teddy Forance, co-choreographer Kyle Robinson, and performers Chantel Aguirre...

New Online Dance Class Release

DancePlug Online Dance Class | Joelle Martinec's jazz combination "Supersonic"


by Joelle Martinec
Intermediate  Jazz  Combination
This fun, fast jazz combination is filled with lots of footwork and sassy, quirky movements. There are direction changes a plenty, so stay focused, and don’t forget to have fun.
Cindy Reed's picture

Cindy Reed

Contemporary, Contemporary, Jazz, Jazz Funk
I'm a dancer who loves to dance no other reason whatsoever. I come from a classical ballet background starting at the Ballet Regent School in Saratoga NY. I've trained at Dean College and Alvin Ailey and now after all this training for the past year sta...

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