North Hollywood, CA
United States


Antoine Troupe comes from small town Fairfield, California where he discovered his passion for dance freshman year of high school. He started out freestyling, first with popping and then krump. His first experiences with choreography and performing started in the church at the age of 17, dancing with family and friends. Drawing a love for the stage and the feel of performing he craved to develop his talent and take dance as far as he could go, training intensively to take himself to the next level. In 2006 Antoine created his own dance company by the name of Tripl3 Threat. Along with choreographing for his company In 2008 Antoine joined the dance crew Supreme Soul. That year Supreme Soul became contestants on MTV’s Americas Best Dance Crew, the first and only Bay Area team to make it on to the show. After ABDC he toured with with both Tripl3 Threat and Supreme Soul performing and teaching around the world for a couple years before joining Chapkis Dance Company as an Assistant Director. Chapkis Dance is currently the number one dance company in the country. Since then Antoine moved to Los Angeles where his career has taken off. He has toured twice with Mindless Behavior. He choreographed Prince's latest music video "Breakfast Can Wait" as well as his appearance on Arsenio Hall and continues to work with him. He has also choreographed for CeeLo Green's UK Tour. At the same time he has continued to work with multiple artist solely as a dancer as well. Antoine is also highly sought after as a teacher because of his ability to take dancers to the next level. Antoine wants nothing more than to inspire and show others what is possible if you work hard and believe. He hopes to change his world, if not the world, through dance in any way he can.