Sarah Smith


Why is it so hard to write about yourself??!!! I've been wanting to do this forever but completely procrastinating! Well, here goes it... I grew up dancing in Michigan and moved out to LA about 13 years ago. I received a year long scholarship @ The EDGE Performing Arts Center the first year I was there, danced every day, loved it and never looked back. After the year long program was over I signed with an agent and started working. My first job was the movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. I was the blonde chick with short hair in a bikini dancing with Austin and the band throughout the movie... remember? Oh well. Anyway, I really lucked out with having that be my first job because I was able to get my SAG card and from there worked mostly on film and TV, the two genres of my profession that I love the most. Don't get me wrong I love the excitement and the immediate audience response of a live show but in front of the camera is where I like it! Over the years of working as a dancer I also got the ich to venture into acting. At first I wasn't quite sure it was for me but I had to try it to find out...I love it! As dancers we love a challenge, right?! Well this was and still is a challenge for me. I've gain much respect for actors and learned a whole lot about myself in the process. If ya wanna check out my reel at... I teach Jazz on the LADF conventions which I LOVE!!!! I have to admit I've never longed to be a teacher but with this experience and the kids I've met it's really inspired me to a better person by giving all I have to my students. I feel very rewarded at the end of the day and hope everyone can experience teaching at some point in their lives. I love traveling around the world meeting different people and getting exposed to different cultures so if anyone's looking for some master classes call me up!!! I'll be there in a heart beat!!! Recently i've moved from LA to Canada where I am currently starting to raise a family!!!! Crazy right?!!!!! We are expecting our 1st child in july (so don't call me for master class around then ;-)) I'm talking like there's plans to have more... there isn't. We have to see how this one goes first! Anyway, I've been racking up air miles going back and forth for work in LA and it's completely worth it. For now I feel Like I have the best of both worlds. When the time comes I'll post pix of the little one for sure!!! I hope this tells you a bit about me. If you wanna know more I'd be happy to fill ya in! Bring on the questions! (with in reason people) Hope everyone's having a good 09 so far! ox


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