Dance is universal, as a form of expression art or exercise. Various dance organizations and dance brands have advocated for equality for people of all backgrounds, cultures, races, and genders. Recently, there has been a push to encourage male dancers to continue dancing, despite a lack of support due to dance’s continuous challenges regarding masculinity and homophobia in the art form.

Specifically, the dance brand #BoysDanceToo is a company that aims to support and enhance the lifestyles of male dancers, by advocating through apparel and beyond. The innovative brand was created out of a visceral frustration for the push back on letting boys be boys … who want to dance. After all, dancing is for everyone. Right?

Considering the stigma surrounding men and masculine individuals in dance, #BoysDanceToo and other dance brands aim to combat the overall lack of education of the art form and the role men hold in it. A dance background and dance training not only reflects a great amount of artistry and creativity, but it also demonstrates immense strength, endurance, and physicality. The combination of artistic and physical ability in male dancers allows for compelling and athletic stories to be shared.

Similarly, a number of popular dance attire and fashion brands support male dancers by providing sustainable and accessible dance clothes for men. To learn more, follow along for a brief guide to different dance and apparel brands that aid male dancers in success in the dance world.


As mentioned, #BoysDanceToo empowers men/boys to “keep dancing,” by honing their brand through graphics on many different clothing articles. Of course, their site also offers the basic dance attire needs, like dance belts, compression t-shirts, jazz pants, and more. The slick Sporty Piped Fleece Jacket is perfect for rehearsing and warming up, for wearing around town, the studio, on tour, conventions, and more (with a meaningful message embroidered too!)

boysdancetoo Sporty Piped Fleece Jacket


Tried and true, Capezio has been a dance standard at the forefront of dance footwear and apparel since 1887. Their Studio Collection Pant, a typical styled jazz dance pant, has soft and stretchy features, with a 1 inch waistband and a straight, wide leg, allowing for flexibility and mobility in the rehearsal hall and onstage in recitals. Additionally, the Fitted Tactel® Crew Neck shirt offers superior comfort and moisture wicking technology, allowing for a dancer to work hard and sweat hard, but dry faster. You might recognize it from past dance recitals or competitions!

Lululemon Athletica

Switching gears to a trending name brand, Lululemon Athletica is a Canadian apparel retailer selling yoga wear, athletic wear, lifestyle apparel, accessories, and personal care products. As you can probably guess, Lululemon for Men has intense mobility and durability. This athletic apparel suits well as dance clothes for men, considering the flexibility and adaptability needed for rehearsals and performances. Additionally, Lululemon offers the Sweat Collective, an application based membership program offering 25% off and special benefits to active fitness leaders in the community. This is a perfect resource for professional dancers, dance educators, choreographers, and more.

Lululemon Licence to Train Joggers


Lululemon’s durable, versatile License to Train Jogger with abrasion-resistant fabric are the perfect pants for men. These joggers are perfect for long studio rehearsals, consisting of high kicks, leaps, and floorwork. Also, the Fast and Free Singlet Breathe is quick-drying and lightweight, plus powered by anti-stink technology, keeping a neutral scent for hours. Who wouldn’t want that? Let’s be honest with ourselves, we’ve all caught whiffs of our dance clothes after a long day… gross!


As another trendy brand, Fabletics Men strives to provide affordable, stylish athleisure clothes. The nylon/spandex lightweight One Short has quick-dry tech, a built-in liner, and high-stretch fabric. These flexible shorts lend well for dance acro and gymnastic dance classes, with athletic tumbling and tricks at the forefront.

Did I mention these shorts are also loaded with pockets, and anti-stink? Even after all that, here’s the kicker: most times you can find the shorts for 2 for $24 too! That’s a huge deal!

Hopefully, this brief guide to select men’s dance attire is a helpful tool in finding sustainable and accessible dance clothes for men. These popular brands among others offer many different styles, deals, and membership programs in order to keep dance attire affordable too, while providing and advocating for male dancers to be successful in the dance world.

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