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Desiree Robbins "Travelling Isolations" - Jazz Online Dance Class Exercise

Travelling Isolations

In this exercise you will work on being able to move different parts of your body at different tempos and speeds. Not only will this exercise help with your isolations, it will help you better underst...

Ballet Class with Cati Jean - Beg. #1

Ballet Class with Cati Jean - Beg. #1

This class is designed for beginner dancers that already have a basic classical knowledge. We will have a simple barre and center to really focus on using the floor and the energy of expansion.


Say It

This is an beginner/intermediate hip hop routine that focuses on dynamic shifts and character. It challenges you to be able to shift levels, and time sequencing quickly. It also challenges the dancer...

Mariah Spears "Scoop & Groove" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Scoop & Groove

This across the floor is a combination of grooves. It helps practice your ability to groove, and keep that circular energy as you do choreography. Make sure to stay grounded -- there are a couple of q...



This combination is about finding awareness in your body and isolating each body part individually. It is a balance of technique and human gestures. It will help you both gain control of your core, an...

Renee Kester "Working Through the Spine" - Contemporary Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Working Through the Spine

This exercise was designed to get you moving through your whole spine from your tailbone to the top of your head.  It teaches you how to engage your core and relax your spine helping flow through move...


Something Different

This is a quicker moving lyrical combination that will challenge you with direction changes. You will be working on tempo changes, quick footwork, and balance. Don't forget to smile, this is a feel go...

Melissa Miles "Attitude with Floorwork" - Lyrical Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Attitude with Floorwork

This is a quick moving across the floor combining different technical elements. You will be working on stretching your leg lines along with floor work.  This is a great exercise to work on transitioni...


Shuffle Swag Warmup

This is a fun warmup to a great jazz standard which includes loads of shuffles and flaps, sprinkles of syncopation and direction changes.

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