Diavolo Goes Back to Dancing

Diavolo - America's Got Talent

Unfortunately, it’s the end of the America's Got Talent journey for the Diavolo dance company. The artists did not make top five, and they will not be headlining in Vegas. But the real question is, what happens to an act once they’re booted from the show?

We all know that when someone wins AGT, they become fairly famous. They win money, perform a lot, and they end up having their own show in Vegas. But what happens when someone loses? The answer? They go back to doing what they do best. And for Diavolo, that means going back to the concert dance world. In fact their next show is already scheduled; they will be performing at the Valley Performing Arts Center for their 25th anniversary celebration. The company will be showing ten of their most iconic works during a full day of dance and celebration.

So the company didn't win it all; however, they are definitely using their newfound popularity to their advantage. Their marketing technique for their next show includes the phrase, “You’ve seen them on America’s Got Talent, now come see them in person!” So the statement must be true - everyone who makes it to the finale is a winner!  

Meet The Next Generation of Disney A-Listers

Club Mickey Mouse

We all know the "Mickey Mouse Club" show on Disney Channel as the springboard for artists that we know and love such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, NSYNC's Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez, and heartthrob Ryan Gosling. You also probably know MMC from that song that will be stuck in your head for a week - "M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E". (You're welcome.)

Well, it's back with a brand new act. Disney has chosen to re-brand "The Mickey Mouse Club" as "Club Mickey Mouse," and episodes will be found exclusively on Facebook and Instagram.  And - no surprises - the new cast members are a super talented group of teens.

There may be some names you recognize, like LA superstar Gabe De Guzman, immaBEAST's Jenna Alvarez, Australia's Got Talent star Ky Baldwin, and PULSE Elite Protégé Leanne Tessa Langston.

The first episode of Club Mickey Mouse launched on September 8th, but if you haven't caught a glimpse yet, here's a look at the theme song, where they were coached by choreographer, dancer, and YouTube sensation Todrick Hall (who will also be on the show as a mentor!). Make sure to pay attention - these talented youngsters just might be your boss one day.

Busy Bee Ballerino

Daniil Simkin

We’ve all had to mutter those sad sad words and swallow the bitter truth. "Sorry, I can’t, I have rehearsal.” There are even T-shirts with that depressing phrase written across them. It’s just common knowledge that dancers have hardly any free time. So when Daniil Simkin announced that he will be joining Staatsballett Berlin, while maintaining his principal status with the American Ballet Theatre, the dance world was a bit surprised.

Most people can’t even walk and text at the same time, so the fact that Simkin will be juggling two companies at once is astounding. But not only is he going to have to handle being a part of two companies, he’s also walking into a somewhat controversial situation at Staatsballett. The company members in Germany have been petitioning their current directors because they have not been happy with their leadership for some time now. However, Simkin says that he will be a part of a new movement within the company that will be taking a new approach to the ballet classics. He also says that he is looking forward to performing more contemporary work and being closer to his mom and dad. The native German will be returning to his family and friends, while still staying close to his New York cohorts. It sounds like this lucky dude is really getting the best of both worlds. Now if only time machines were ready… then he could be a part of every major company in the world.

AGT Update: Diavolo Flips its way into the Final Five

Diavolo - America's Got Talent

This week Diavolo was in danger of going home on America’s Got Talent, but thanks to the Dunkin Save, they were able to slide on through to the Finals. Here’s the scoop…

At the beginning of the show Tyra Banks announced that Colin Cloud, Kechi, and Diavolo were fourth, fifth, and sixth place, so they would be at the mercy of the Dunkin Save. This meant that America needed to rush to their nearest device and vote once again for their favorite act. When the three groups were brought back on stage, Kechi took the 4th spot, which left the judges to choose between Diavolo and Colin Cloud for fifth. It was a seemingly easy decision for the judges...they unanimously chose Diavolo! Now the dance group is that much closer to winning the competition.  

The troupe’s last performance was out of this world (literally - it was space themed). So it will be interesting to see how they take it to the next level. New props, more danger… who knows? One thing is for sure, this group would be a perfect fit for the Vegas scene. Diavolo already has a Cirque de Soleil vibe, so transitioning to a Vegas show would be simple. But the truth is, dancers don’t want Diavolo to leave LA! Winning could bring some serious traction to the LA dance scene, but if they win and run off to Vegas, so does their influence.