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What Does it Cost to Become a Prima Ballerina?

What Does it Cost to Become a Prima Ballerina?

You're young, you have dreams of being a ballerina, and your eyes are set on NYCB, Lines, or maybe a professional company in Europe... but what does it actually cost to rise to the top? No, I don't mean what your dance tuition costs (although it's also very very high, just ask your parents). But...
  • Opinion
  • by Keira Whitaker - 15 Sep 2018
"The Top 6 Cross Training Methods for Injury Prevention" by Keira Whitaker
Health & Fitness

The Top 6 Cross Training Methods for Injury Prevention

So you’ve hit a plateau in your training, or maybe you have an injury that needs to heal but you need to stay in shape while you’re recovering. What’s...

"'Moon&' Forges Faint Connections with Big Themes" SZALT review by Steven Woodruff

'Moon&' Forges Tenuous Connections with Big Themes

Evening length performances have been a regular feature of many small dance companies. They are an easy route to unifying thematically an evening of d...

"Making Every Act Count: A Dancer’s Guide to Performing on Stage" by Anne Luben on dnaceplug.com
Professional Tips

Making Every Act Count: A Dancer’s Guide to Performing on Stage

Most dancers will agree, the best part about what we do is performing on stage. You don’t become a dancer if you’re afraid to stand up in front of a c...

"Dance Career & Dating Life - Can You Have Both?" by Keira Whitaker on danceplug.com

Dance Career & Dating Life - Can You Have Both?

We’ve all been there and we’ve all had to say those dreaded words… “I can’t, I have dance.” When we were in grade school, we had to turn down sleepove...

"Chatty Dancers... When It's Not A Problem" article by Jo Boden

Chatty Dancers... When It's Not A Problem

Let’s talk about TALKING. Let’s be clear here – I don’t mean talking in class, on stage or during dance. I mean talking – FOR dancers and WITH dancers...

Marquee.TV, an arts streaming platform

You Too Can Watch Dance Online - A Unique Selection To Crave

Last month, a new streaming service called Marquee.TV launched in the UK and US. The on-demand platform has partnered with a number of international c...

dancers at a Rockettes audition
Professional Tips

Ace Your Next Dance Audition: A Step By Step Guide

Let's be honest - looking for a dance job is a difficult task! And whether you love it or hate it, the reality is that auditioning is an inescapable p...

ABT La Bayadère - Isabella Boylston and Jeffrey Cirio - photo by Rosalie O’Connor

ABT, La Bayadere, And The Temple Of Doom

Dance at the Music Center closed out its season last month with American Ballet Theatre’s La Bayadère. A classical war horse by Marius Petipa, it has...

National Choreographers Initiative 2018 - dancers Tess Lane and Isaac Jones - credit: Jazley Faith

NCI Gives Audiences a Unique Look at Choreographic Process

Dance choreography is high maintenance. Whereas a musician might keep his guitar close to his nightstand, or a painter might designate a corner of the...