Halloween is quickly approaching, and you may be wondering who you should dress up as this year! As a dancer, Halloween is actually one of the most cost-effective holidays for you, because you happen to have a large selection of costumes in your very own closet. So let’s count down the best Halloween costumes for dancers, and the ways you can use the costumes you already own…

#5 The 80's Wild Child 🎤

Coming in at number five we have the “80’s Wild Child.” Look no further than your favorite leotard, a pair of your colorful leggings, and your leg warmers from ballet class. All of the essentials are already in your closet! Add a colorful headband and a cutoff sweatshirt to complete the look and don’t forget to get your jazzercise on.

#4 The Emoji Twins 👯

Grab a friend, your black leos, and a pair of black ballet shoes (you could always spray paint old ones), and voilà, you have the dancing emoji twins costume. Add a big black bow and then strike that terrible turned in tendu position for a simple and easy #twinning costume.

#3 The Glitter Fairy 🧚🏾

Add a pair of wings to any tutu and leotard combination to immediately turn into a fairy princess. You can jazz this up with a crown and glitter, because the world will never have enough glitter.

#2 The Animal 🐭

Many of us have been a mouse at some point in our dance career, or some kind of woodland creature. Either way, take the ears from the costume and pair with a leotard and tutu that are the same color. Most importantly, take the tail off your old costume and attach it to the tutu. Complete this look with a nose and proper animal makeup.

#1 The Flapper Girl 💋

Literally any jazz costume with fringe can be re-purposed as a flapper girl outfit. Put on a pair of old character shoes, a pair of fishnets, and a set of bright red lips to complete the look. Don’t forget to add some bling and a headband across the forehead for a perfect flapper girl outfit.

Happy Haunting (and closet digging) Pluggers! Enjoy a safe and thrilling Hallow’s Eve.

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