Have you ever heard of the expression, "You only get one chance at first impression”? Well, this fits perfectly for dance auditions, therefore for you!

You want to make sure you have the right look for the parts, artists, or clients. The second you walk into the audition room, you are watched by the panel of people sitting at that long table up front. Most of the time the decision-makers will not be present at the actual or first audition, so you will also be filmed: your make-up, hair, and wardrobe needs to read well on tape. Do all you can to look right for any circumstances.

The right look

As a former dancer turned make-up artist, I have been to many auditions, as well as sat in a fair share of auditions with different types of artist. Comments I often hear are about how much make-up dancers wear, how they look older than they actually are, and how they come to castings not looking the role they are auditioning for.

During the casting process for the feature film Dreamgirls, I was asked to do make-up on an actress auditioning for a major role on the film. She already had her first audition and the director wanted her for the role but the studio didn't: they thought she was great but were not sold on her looks. The director called me to work on her make-up and put her back on tape to show the studio. She got the gig.

Do your homework: know the artist, the brand or the theme you are auditioning for. That will actually help you get the choreographer's attention, or lose it completely. If you are auditioning for Miley Cyrus, don't show up to the audition as if you were going to be in Lil' Wayne's video. That goes for both clothing and make-up.

Make-up tips

Here are some of my recommendations for dance audition make-up

  • Use cream-based products with sheen. I like to use these products to achieve the dewy look. Dewy skin always makes you look fresh and young. Products with a bit of sheen can help achieve that.
  • Avoid using too much powder products. The more you touch up powder the more your make-up will look “cakey”. Sweat + Powder = Cake.
  • Use waterproof mascara to avoid running or flaking - this is a must-have.
  • Find products formulated with staying power, there are a lot on the market.
  • Know which ones to use for your skin.

Products I love

  • Revlon Color Stay line, there's everything from foundation to lips product.
  • MAC has great long lasting cream shadows
  • Bobbi Brown gel liners in many different colors

Make-up look I find works well

A pretty natural bronzy look with slightly smokey eyes.

Don't be afraid of make-up, have fun with it, but know the products. So enjoy the process! Just keep in mind: YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE AT FIRST IMPRESSION.

Written by Tym Buacharern, professional make-up artist

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