Seeking performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and union affiliations to portray male- and female-identifying roles. Celebrity Cruises encourages gender diverse and color conscious casting. Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds, gender identities, and abilities are encouraged to apply.


Must be 18+ to audition.


Acrobatics & Tumbling, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap, Partnering, Aerial


  • DANCER-SINGERS: Seeking dancer-singers who are true triple threats. We require experienced and technically trained vocalists with a strong dance background in jazz, ballet, commercial, and partnering. Female-identified roles, must have a strong pop/rock belt to D. For male-identified roles, bari-tenors need to have vocal range up to A4; tenors up to a B4. Must be capable of understudying lead vocalist tracks as well as performing in the ensemble of dancers.
  • DANCERS: Seeking fit, athletic, and technically trained dancers with a strong background in jazz, ballet, contemporary, commercial, tap & partnering. Male-identifying dancers must have a strong physique and be capable of lifts. Female-identifying dancers should have lean silhouettes and be able to perform in 3" heels including turns, leaps, floor drops & partnering. Gymnastics, aerial training, tumbling and partnering skills are a plus.