Paula Rosolen / Haptic Hide are looking for up to five dancers for their upcoming reposition of the production “Beat by Bits – An open-air version of 16BIT” as a guest performance in the frame of the Festival Paris L’été 2023, that will take place in July 2023.

Production Info

Rehearsals and performances will take place between July 20th – July 29th, 2023, in Paris.

Haptic Hide under the artistic direction of Paula Rosolen, is a company based in Frankfurt and Munich. Its works such as Aerobics! – A Ballet in 3 Acts (1st prize Danse Elargie), FLAGS, PUNK‽, PUPPETS, and 16BIT have been shown, for example, at Théâtre de la Ville Paris, deSingel Arts Campus in Antwerpen, Theaterfestival Basel, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, HELLERAU- European Center for the Arts, German Tanzplattform, and Dance New Air Festival in Tokyo.

Beat by Bits is the open-air adaptation of Paula Rosolen’s exploration of the techno phenomenon, 16BIT. Translating the kaleidoscopic stage performance into an outdoor setting, six performers and five local guests seize techno’s inherent energy with the precision of a metronome. Beat by Bits considers techno as a social, political and cultural event. As a transatlantic exchange reaching back decades, it represents an Afrofuturist expression for Detroit’s black community and a symbol of liberation for Berlin when the Wall fell. As well as reflecting on the genre’s past, Beat by Bits is a sharp response to the shock of the pandemic and the fragility of our freedom to commune in the collective hypnosis of the club.

We highly encourage dance artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, BIPOC, and all gender expressions to apply.

The working language is English.


The rehearsals and performances will be paid accordingly.


  • A natural sense of rhythm
  • Very good technical level in contemporary dance. Experience in further movement practices, techniques, and urban styles are encouraged and welcomed
  • Availability during the whole rehearsal period
  • Residence in Paris/suburbs and a valid working permit