Below you will see a quick run-down of what has changed within the website (besides the way it looks ;)

What has been updated?

Career Profiles

  • The profile layout has changed to help promote yourself better, to the right of the main photo there is a short teaser of your Bio along with more prominent social media icons. Your basic info and contact info are now residing in the right column.
  • Below the main picture, there are two icons for PDF downloads: one for your résumé only and one for your complete profile.
  • Social media links include: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn and IMDb.
  • The video playlist is now rendered in a format that works across all devices.
  • Edit your entire profile through a series of easy to use tabs.
  • Upload many photos by simply dragging and dropping them onto the uploader.
  • Statuses allow you to reference other members of the site by using the token [@john smith].


  • Easy to browse-through listing, with color-coded categories.
  • We have incorporated a more thorough audition online submission system. This new system will ensure that applicants are providing the correct information required by the auditionee, when applicable. For example if an auditionee requests a photo, applicants will not be able to submit without a photo.

Online Dance Classes

  • Rental system: Based on our current subscribers feedback, we decided to remove the credit system in its entirety and offer ONE unlimited access monthly subscription: the “Unlimited Class Plan”. We have also added a 2-day startup option, called “Unlimited Class Startup”, for those of you who want to trial first.
  • My Favorites: you can build your own favorite library by adding any class you like (available to subscribers only).
  • The free class of the month has also been replaced by 6 free classes (3 combinations and 3 exercises) that will be accessible at any time by anyone, subscribers and non-subscribers.


  • The Calendar now called “Dance Events” displays a chronological list of all upcoming events, with color-coded categories, for an easier and quick view of what’s coming up.
  • A calendar view is still available from the Dance Events page.

My Home

Personalize your homepage by rearranging your main sections into the order you wish, as well as by hiding those you are not interested in. A quick scroll can give you access to all your favorite sections on DancePlug.

Searching and Filtering

Sitewide searching and filtering became more robust, giving you faster results and no page refreshes.

What is new?

Community Pulse

You can follow what’s happening within the entire DancePlug network. Like things and comment on what active members are contributing. Members can also see what you have been up to from your profile. If you want to see what your friends have been up to, you can view this activity from your “My Home” page under the block “My Community”.

Add your voice and share your thoughts by commenting and/or liking Community Pulse activities.

Twitter Feed

Connect your personal/business twitter feed to your profile.

Video Channels

We introduced this to help you find what you are looking for faster. There are now 3 main channels: The DancePlug Dish, Interviews and Dance Videos.

You may notice the Video Channel is currently a little bare, we will be adding our older dish episodes, videos and interviews over time.

What has been removed?

To reduce spamming on the site, we decided to remove blogs and forums.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

As with anything new, there are some things to iron out. We are currently working on this and most bugs should be squashed just in time for Christmas :) If you encounter anything weird during your new experience on DancePlug, make sure to let us know.

We sure hope you enjoy your new dance hub! We always appreciate feedback, so feel free to contact us and share your thoughts.