While dancing professionally appears to be a more glamorous career path, we asked Kat to open up about some harder lessons learned from working in the industry. This is how she has used her voice to advocate for herself and others:

Kat: "One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that you do not need to ever compromise who you are to succeed. You do not need to wear something you're uncomfortable in, move in a way that is not true to you, or act like someone you're not. There is so much dance work in the world, and exactly who you are is already precisely what someone is looking for. I've learned to speak up, there are so many situations I've been in where the environment could have been better for the dancers, but because so many of us are conditioned to stay quiet and do what we're told in fear of being replaced, we just accept whatever is thrown our way. Know that dancers are often THE most important part of a job, and deserve to be respected, and treated as human beings, not machines."