We get the hassle: you are only interested in certain styles and levels, and every time you browse the DancePlug library, you have to enter the same filters over and over. Well, great news we've now eliminated that bothersome process with our new preset filter feature: Set your preferences to up to three styles and multiple levels, then simply go to the new "Filtered Classes" page to only see pre-filtered tutorials.

On a side note, we've also made a few smaller updates:

  • Your "saved" are now called "bookmarks": you can still bookmark any content you like such as tutorials, auditions, articles, events, really anywhere you see a little star icon ✩
  • The following pages have been consolidated under your avatar: account and personal settings, profile edit page, support and log out. Your avatar is at the top right of the browser page

and oh... you may have noticed our new sidebar menu look 😃