If you have seen the beautiful movement explorations Corina Kinnear has posted on her social media, you may be familiar with her dance practice of playing with improvisation regularly. To better understand her thought process around it, we asked Corina where she draws inspiration from and what advice she has for dancers looking to build their own creative movement themselves.

I wanted to develop an Instagram engagement practice that I would enjoy and could move with me as I was in the many different places I go, and work environments. After some time I realized a few things for me that helped.

  1. Site specific work are quite dynamic on film, so anywhere you are can be a place to create. When I’m somewhere beautiful or with interesting architectural elements I will balance my phone on something and dance around!
  2. Shorter clips are more easily received. I try to cut between 5 seconds and 30 seconds of movement I find dynamic to post. This limitation has actually been really freeing for my practice. I can tell myself you don’t have to be perfect, you can find 10 seconds of movement you like. And that’s usually true!
  3. Music helps. I will often put on music while I film using the “Mideo” app.

With these simple tips, we hope you gained some inspiration to find time this week for a moment of improvisation!