Instructor Tash Marconi opens up about how powerful it can be to manifest your goals and actively pursue them. Here is a recount of her most memorable dance job and what she learned from the experience.

Tash: "My most memorable job would have to be one of my more recent ones: the ELVIS movie with Baz Lurhmann. Firstly, because I manifested it and it's a crazy story but really proved that when something is meant for you, the whole universe will work to make it happen. After flying to Australia with 24 hours notice, and spending 14 days locked in a hotel in government quarantine, I was released then flew interstate and walked into day one of rehearsals. The dancing was all jazz and highly specific to the era, with a lot of character work -- I was in heaven in the room! The shoot days were amazing. Because we had so much to get done, we were always dancing and needed, never sitting around waiting, which is rare on set. I got to dance with Tom Hanks and had a total fan girl moment meeting him. It was just so surreal and I experienced it with the most amazing people. From this experience, I learned that what's meant for me will never pass me."