"Don't give up on a dream if you really believe in it. This can sometimes sound cliche, but it’s so important to learn the lesson that if something does not work out the first time you don’t just throw it away. There are factors that can come into play, such as timing. The period of Quarantine was a blessing for me in so many ways. It allowed me the chance to slow down, stop and really think about what is important, what inspires me, and where I want to put my energy.

For example, this is the second time around for me and my partner to re-launch our clothing label, LITE. The first time around for us was successful in so many ways and it was such a great creative outlet. We had the opportunity to produce fashion shows, combining my love for Fashion and Dance. Our clothing was featured in magazines and sold in stores both here in the U.S. and Tokyo. My partner in this venture Steven Trosti moved back to his home country of Australia and we decided to pause. Sometimes life gets in the way, and we all experience that. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished and this feels like the right time for us to try again!

The distinctive thing about our line is it really is the place where Art, Fashion and Dance intersect. All of our prints are actual artwork by my partner Steven. The movement in his creations inspire the movement that I create. In a sense one inspiration feeds the other. We create fashion that Dancers can wear for auditions, rehearsal, performance or every day life. I have always been a lover of fashion so it felt like a natural place for me to explore a creative outlet outside of, but still connected to dance. LITE feels like the perfect extension of that creativity."

- Tovaris Wilson