So, we know Christmas isn't for another two months, but we at DancePlug have got a little present for  you.  We just love you all so much we couldn't wait! Drum-roll please...we've redone the website! Don't worry, all the great stuff that you know and love is still there, but now, it will be even better.  We've re-vamped the overall look of the site, as well as organized the pages to make it a little more user friendly.

Here are a few more things you should know:


When you walk in the DancePlug door, you'll notice that your home is brand new! We've done some re-structuring. First, you'll see a quick overview of the newest and hottest content on the site. This will include dance tutorials, articles, news, auditions, upcoming events, interviews, giveaways, and viral videos you have to see. Your homepage will also still show you what other members are up to on the site.

Online Dance Tutorials/Classes

If you are one of our fabulous online dance class subscribers, we have some great new tools for you (and more goodies are still to come!)  We recently introduced a 10-sec rewind button, as well as chapter markers to make your learning experience easier. But we didn't stop there! We just added a speed control feature, so you can slow down or speed up a video. For example, if you find the slow motion video too slow, just crank it up 1.5x! Instead of the playlist icon being in the control bar, it's now on top of the player, so you can easily see what video comes next.

Online Class Tutorials viewing features

Online Class Tutorials viewing features


Audition subscribers, we didn’t forget about you! You’ve requested for the main page to show the full list of upcoming auditions, and voila! There you have it. And if you want to narrow your search, you can just use the “search” tool at the top of the listings.

Profile page

Of course, your profile page didn’t escape the redesign! If you look at your profile now, there should be a big gray background behind your photo. Go ahead and change it to a beautiful image of yours!


DancePlug Dish

Our beloved DancePlug Dish has shifted a bit in the past few months. What began as a video episode changed into a periodic article, until it became what it is now: a newsflash. It's very important to us to give you the most up-to-date dance news as possible; so instead of doing a bi-weekly recap of what’s been going on in the dance world, we will give you the news right as it's happening.


We will also keep up a blog on what’s going on the INSIDE of DancePlug. This is where this blog resides, and where you will find any updates on the site and the company itself.

That's all for now, but don't worry... we'll be releasing some more surprises soon!