Brianna López is a freelance dance artist that choreographs, performs, and teaches. She holds an M.F.A. and Graduate Gender Studies Certificate from the University of Utah where she received the L. Scott Marsh Mentorship Award, the University Teaching Assistantship, and the Bastion Foundation Award. Her most recent training and sources of influence are from Omar Carrum, Ohad Naharin, Nancy Stark Smith, Molly Heller, Jeanine Durning, Eric Handman, and Paul Matteson. Her artistry is rooted in the various methods of improvisation as a way to develop technique and create dance work. Her movement research focuses on the creative process as a way to explore, access, and evolve the various body-states in the studio as well as in performance. She believes that accessing these body-states are the source of one’s power as a performing dance artist. She cultivates this by questioning the perception of the body and the spaces that it occupies through the use of metaphor, imagery, and sensation. This process encourages an intersection that complicates one’s preconceived notions of the body by reimagining its form, limitations, and abilities. The choreographic works that emerge from these creative processes are crafted experiences where the structure manifests from the dancer’s commitment to their explored body-states. Her current theoretical research entitled, “Growing a New Body: Physicalizing the Paradoxical Systems of Grief and Desire” is a theoretical investigation of these body-states, which is in the process of publication. This research has evolved to an evening-length work entitled, “Sideris,” which toured to Los Angeles in May 2018. Her other work has been presented at Sugar Space Arts Warehouse, Live Arts Los Angeles, Hayes Christensen Theatre, Natural History Museum, Anaheim Convention Center, and the Malashock Dance School. Her current interest is to broaden her creative process by seeking collaborations with artists in dance as well as in other fields of study.


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