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This combo is first and foremost asking you to "tell your story". Surrender yourself to the music & lyrics, and find your intentions behind the movement. This is a great exercise in matching each movement with a meaning true to your life. Combine that with your ballet technique finding smooth and grounded transitions to connect each line. Use your space to the fullest, and you have a beautiful piece... that is YOURS!


About the instructor

A 2012 Capezio A.C.E. Awards Finalist, Alex Little has choreographed for Nike, Audi, Genentech, Dream Force, and Tarbell Realtors. Alex teaches at Edge PAC in Hollywood, various colleges (AMDA College & Conservatory of the Performing Arts, Pepperdine University) and workshops worldwide. She has been on the Master Faculty of Dance Excellence for 11 years, and just joined Velocity, a new dance convention! Alex co-founded The Feedback Experience, a dance class taught to 100% live music.
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