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A perfect opportunity to use every tool you got! It is a story of joy and hope "who makes you whole?" Dance about that! The piece is in 6 counts & the tempo is bright. It is athletic but vulnerable. It lives on the edge, in the ground and in the air... so push past your safe-zone. You must use your core, pelvic floor and the pressure into the floor (rhymed!) to achieve the many direction changes. At this level, please allow your story to  drive the movement.


About the instructor

A 2012 Capezio A.C.E. Awards Finalist, Alex Little has choreographed for Nike, Audi, Genentech, Dream Force, and Tarbell Realtors. Alex teaches at Edge PAC in Hollywood, various colleges (AMDA College & Conservatory of the Performing Arts, Pepperdine University) and workshops worldwide. She has been on the Master Faculty of Dance Excellence for 11 years, and just joined Velocity, a new dance convention! Alex co-founded The Feedback Experience, a dance class taught to 100% live music.
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