Enjoy our selection of dance exercises, taught by the best dance teachers, across a variety of styles for any skill level.

Joseph Corella "Step Kick" - Theatre Dance Online Dance Class/Choreography


Step Kick

The across the floor kick sequence is to help you work on flexibility and lengthening through the arms and legs.

Gigi Torres "Full Body Popping" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography


Full Body Popping

This exercise will help you in muscle tension and release as you pop your full body.

Glyn Gray "Toe-Heel Wiggle Extended" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography


Toe-Heel Wiggle Extended

This exercise is all about good balance of beats both in timing and volume.

Christina Woodard "Where's Your Weight?" - Jazz Online Dance Class/Choreography


Where's Your Weight?

This exercise combines, turn technique, directional changes, balance and working for greater length in your lines!

Yusha-Marie Sorzano "Floor Move" - Contemporary Online Dance Class/Choreography


Floor Move

This is a brief across the floor exercise. Floor work is a balancing act of the upper and lower body in order to create momentum that propels you forward.

Jojo Diggs "Juggle Switch" - Advanced House Online Dance Class/Choreography


Juggle Switch

A variation of the Juggle, used to demonstrate how to add detail and variation to a move, and also excercise hip rotation and interesting weight changes.

Glyn Gray "4/5 Beat Riff Combo & Reverse" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography


4/5 Beat Riff Combo & Reverse

A good vibe exercise pushing your clarity and triplets, so you sit back on the beat and trust the timing!

Kelby Brown "Control and Stability" - Ballet Online Dance Class/Choreography


Control and Stability

This exercise is to simply stand up on center with a strong core.

Gus Bembery "Lean In" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography


Lean In

Low impact moves with lots of style. Best reserved for low tempo hip hop/R&B tracks, so you can take your time when executing the proper accents.

Ray Basa "Loose Leg" - House Online Dance Class/Choreography


Loose Leg

The loose leg is a combination of steps that form a pattern to the rhythm of house music. Like all steps in House dance it can be done in multiple directions and can be used to travel.

Melissa Miles "Walking with Presence" - Jazz Online Dance Class/Choreography


Walking with Presence

This concept may be simple but there is nothing more powerful than commanding your stage (or music video) with a walk.

Nolan Padilla "Hits, Sticking & Popping" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography


Hits, Sticking & Popping

Understanding how to make your body stop sharply, and staccato.