Learn to dance from our jazz funk dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, exercises, and warm-ups for any skill level.


You Don't Know Me

This combination is a jazz funk routine that truly combines technique and grooves and has elements of waacking. In this routine you will focus on dynamic shifts, performance, and being able to link...

Mariah Spears "Stability and Control Exercise" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Stability and Control

This conditioning routine is made to help build up your leg stability and the ability to transition from technique to grooves! Pull up and engage your core! You're going to need it!


I Know What You Did Last Summer

Grooves and high energy combination with lots of different syncopations and rhythms. Movement that highlights the musicality, instrumentation, and lyrics of the song.

Gina Starbuck "Dynamic Grooves 2" - Jazz-Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography

Dynamic Grooves 2

This exercise is fun, funky and dynamic. It is designed to help you connect with the kind of dynamic grooves that you will learn in the combination while encouraging articulation.

NiCo O'Connor "Latin Funk" - Jazz-Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography

Latin Funk

This exercise will help you loosen up your hips and practice your pliés while adding some latin spice flavor to your moves.



This is a fun, full out jazz funk piece. Your musicality and sense of dynamic will be challenged as you play with timing and details in this combo. You'll learn about speed and specificity, all the...



A delicious bouncy pop routine. One that climbs in energy from beginning to end.



This choreography piece is a quirky energized roller coaster, taking you through level changes, sharp picture placement and powerful execution. you're gonna need some energy for this one.



This dance is about pure joy! You have to have fun while performing it. it is deigned to test your center and balance. they are parts of the song that the movement should be super sharp, so make su...

NiCo OConnor "Intricate Pop Sequence" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Intricate Pop Sequence

This little exercise allows you to practice a faster rhythm and intricate counts. Its full out pop performance and embodies clean lines and attitude.

Gina Starbuck "Style & Musicality" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Style & Musicality

This exercise will challenge your dynamics and musicality. It will help you find your style and groove.


War IV Love

This dance combines lyrical movement and funky movement. The first half will test your breath and flow and the second half hits much sharper. You want to make sure to finish all of the movement and...