Learn to dance from our contemporary dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, exercises, and warm-ups for any skill level.


Warm-Up with Richard

This warm-up includes isolations, stretch...


Chaîné Changing Direction

This fun and challenging exercise strengthens your ability to spot and hold your center while changing direction and level.



Strong, fast moving, direction changing are all words to describe this energetic jazz routine. Stay grounded, think ahead and have fun.



This is an authentic salsa exercise designed to introduce the dancer to salsa!


Multiple Direction Turn Combo

A turn combination that challenges the senses. Designed to get used to thinking ahead, changing spots, and not getting stuck facing just one way in the space when we turn.


If I Could Be Her

This is a sassy jazz routine with a lot of room to play with your performance. You will be pushed to hit strong accents with quick foot work but be ready to slow it down for a moment to show dynam...


Pitch Attitude Chaîné

This is an across the floor that will take you on and off your center. The quick foot work and weight changes will challenge you to stay on top of your leg!


Dark Paradise

This intermediate jazz has outside turns, inside turns, jumps, and a little bit of floor from turns and jumps! Keep the movement strong and punchy, the choreo has a lot of clear stops.


Cross Turn Plié Kick

This is an across the floor to really get you traveling. You will be challenged in weight changes and quick foot work.


Electric Overture

Classic jazz combo! This combo starts out fast with lots of direction changes (ala Jackie Sleight) it then goes into a slow section that has a ballet inspiration.