Sabrina Phillip "Direction and Level Changes" - Contemporary Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial
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This advanced exercise will challenge dancers to keep their torso square through direction and level changes.


About the instructor

Sabrina has worked as a teacher and choreographer at countless dance studios around the US, Canada and Costa Rica. Her degree in Exercise and Health Physiology provides her with a special understanding of the human body and the mechanics of movement. As a teacher, her intention is to challenge dancers; focusing on placement, correct technique, strength and agility. She is currently on faculty at EDGE Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles. Her choreography has been featured on So You Think You Can Dance as well as a commercials for MoBeam and BCBG, as well as My Fair Wedding with David Turtero, LA Dance Magic’s Final Cut, the Carnival Choreographer’s Ball and most recently in the Silverlake Contemporary Ballet’s modern rendition of Swan Lake. Her music video credits include choreography for Stay and Play by Holly Conlan and the stunning video for Jenna Bryson’s Clear. Sabrina is sure to inspire and motivate!
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