Desiree Robbins has a passion for teaching and devotes much of her time training successful dancers that you see in front of the camera and on stages all over. Her real expertise is taking dancers and fine-tuning their technique, style, and movement to create a more refined, professional product. Desiree has well over 30 years of experience in the field and continues to grow with and focus on teaching what is needed in dance today. For quite some time, the feedback she has consistently received from clientele revealed that she brought into light the need to return to the basic skills, movement and technique that is required of sound dancers. Throughout her career, Desiree has taught for Tremaine, Dance Teachers’ Summit, iHollywood, Artists Simply Human (ASH), Doug & Friends and many more convention workshops and tours. Each year Desiree travels to more than 40 cities worldwide to work with individuals and groups to help improve their training and performance to be the best dancers they can be. Desiree is always working on new and upcoming projects and has many exciting ventures ahead.