Hanna Lee, born in Jerusalem, to a Japanese father and Australian mother, knows all about being diverse. She grew up in a Christian family, lived in a multicultured society, and was educated in a Jewish school system. Hanna Lee has been dancing since the age of 4. After a life changing near death experience at the age of 16, Hanna-Lee knew in her heart that she had to "seize the day" and follow her dream to become a professional dancer in New York. Shortly before turning 18 Hanna-Lee moved to N.Y and was accepted to the Alvin Ailey dance school. After graduating Hanna-Lee acquired an Artist visa, joined MSA dance agency and began working with many talented and inspiring artists in a wide range of projects, dancing, singing, modeling and acting. Her diversity among other things, has brought her to dancing Argentine tango in a National Revlon commercial or in the musical film ROCK OF AGES with Tom Cruise. Most Recently Hanna-Lee choreographed in collaboration with Shirdance a Cirque Du Soleil themed night for TOY OF THE YEAR 2013 Awards. She is also in the up and coming European DOMYOS dance spot commercial, where she is featured dancing Tai-Chi and Hip hop. Hanna-Lee currently lives in L.A where she is represented by MSA for dance/commercials and KSR for modeling. For Hanna-Lee dance and performance have always been a vehicle in expressing her essence and staying connected to life. Always taking on new characters, always testing her limits. She is known for her captivating stage presence that imparts authenticity and raw emotion. “When I dance, I feel free, I feel invincible. Through dance, I feel I am able to impart to others my appreciation of life, of being in the moment. My art gives me the visual stage to inspire hope, and I love being able to express my passion from the very core of my being. When I dance my body speaks for me in ways that words cannot express. When I sing, I learn to be more honest. I want to dedicate my life to reminding people of the joy of living, and specifically, the joy of living in Their bodies."


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