Chloe and her mom Christi are back for this season of Dance Moms! Now that former star Abby is behind bars (read our coverage of that drama here), these two have crept out of the shadows to rejoin their former dance team. In an exclusive interview with E! News, the mom and daughter duo shared their thoughts on the new team coach, Cheryl Burke.

Chloe feels that new coach Burke is celebrating the team for their differences, which was refreshing and enlightening. She also made a jab at Abby, claiming that Abby’s method of dance training was harsh (to say the least!). Mom Christi said that she appreciated Burke’s honest style of teaching, and she liked that Burke was giving the girls a chance to take the lead.

It sounds like the new team has taken a liking to Burke, but will this honeymoon last? Let's be honest - this group is notorious for always having something new to complain about! You could probably send in Mother Theresa, and they would still find a way to start drama. Stay tuned.