There's nothing better than kicking off your weekend with a laugh, and today we've got a winner for you! Hot off the press - er, the YouTube - from the Prix de Lausanne, an international ballet competition held each year in Switzerland, we bring you Christian Spuck's "Le Grand Pas de Deux."

Versions of this have been floating around the web for a few years - some of which include a giant fake cow dressed up in a tutu - but we have to say, this version is pretty great. Royal Ballet principal Lauren Cuthbertson and Ballet Zürich Alexander Jones have great chemistry, which is completely necessary to do this piece justice.

It's a hilarious piece that pokes fun at traditional ballet pas de deux's. There are plenty of little moments to put a smile on your face: two of my favorites include the ballerina getting tired and crawling offstage, and her limping crookedly around after she does some fouettes. Can you say real life? 😂

And if you want to see the premiere of the piece, have a look below

Have a great weekend, pluggers!