Happy Monday, Pluggers! The Olympics are well underway, and chances are most of you have been watching at least parts of the games (or at least have had it on in the background while you're cooking dinner). Personally, I love watching ice skating - probably because it's the most similar to dancing (it was originally created to translate the characteristics of ballroom dancing onto the ice).

There are a lot of different categories for skating in the Olympics . Ice dancing places a lot of importance on storytelling, and skaters are not permitted to be physically separate for more than five seconds at a time. They're also never allowed to be more than two arms' lengths away at any point during their performance; moreover, the lifts, throws and jumps are what differentiate its from pairs figure skating. The performers can use any type of music, as long as there is a clear beat.

Want to see more of this sport? You're in luck - you can catch ice dancing on NBC's coverage of the Olympics on the 18th and 19th at 8pm EST. If you're curious,  click here for more details on ice dancing rules and regulations.