Step One: Start an insta account for your dance videos.

Step Two: Post boss improvisation clips in really cool places.

Step Three: Be Marlee Grace.

Marlee Grace, age 29, is instafamous. Why you ask? Because over the past two years she has posted small clips of herself improving in the most interesting places. From bathroom stalls to your local bookstore, Grace has danced all over the place. But what’s interesting about the social media star is that she’s not what you’d expect.

Grace does not use hashtags, she doesn’t tag brands or companies, and she doesn’t follow anyone. That’s right… she doesn’t follow anyone, which means that her followers choose to watch her videos without the expectation that she will follow them back. It’s truly Marlee’s talent and creativity that has attracted her 29,800 fans. She also does not use tricks or crazy stunts to attract followers. She keeps her movement very raw and authentic. The videos just look like a dancer exploring movement… hence the name of her insta account, @personalpractice.

Maybe the best lesson we can learn from Marlee Grace, is that if you’re trying to find Insta fame, you need to stop looking for it. Show your followers the real you... the good, the bad, and the ugly. Grace has proven to all of us that people respond best to authenticity, creativity, and simplicity.