Happy Monday, Pluggers! There's been a lot of crazy stuff happening in our world recently, so we thought we'd start off this week with something to put a smile on your face! Meet Christian Strycker, a sophomore at the University of Alabama, and he has made quite the social media stir! The 19-year-old sensation has gained popularity because of a video of his pre-swim meet dance that's gone viral. It's common for swimmers to warm up to music with some light stretching, etc...but his rendition of Beyoncé's Coachella performance really blows all other warm-ups out of the water (get it??)! 

This Beyoncé fan (who told Buzzfeed that he is "the biggest Beyoncé fan") has been videotaped shaking it down on multiple occasions, and it's clear that his love for Queen Bey defines all space and time (I mean... same). The teen does NOT care where he dances and when he’s doing it - and judging from his classmates' lack of reaction to his gyrating hips and on fleek head tilts, we have to assume they're fairly used to this sort of behavior.

This level of dedication and perfection is inspiring, and we’re all secretly hoping that his tweet to Beyoncé actually becomes a reality. Christian recently tweeted at the singer herself to say that he would be honored to be one of her back up dancers. And it's clear from this video that he could hold his own, no problem! We can practically see it now. B and C… center stage… full Single Ladies mode! 

Click here to watch a side by side comparison of his moves, and tbh...why don't we warm up for everything like this?

The video has caused a storm on Twitter, with celebrities like Chelsea Clinton and Kathy Griffin commenting on his moves. Even the US Olympic Swim team has gotten in on the action, tweeting the video with the comment "Warming up for the weekend like ... @beyonce? #FridayFeeling " 

So keep dancing Christian, because the world is watching, and we’re loving it! 

P.S. In case you were wondering, Buzzfeed reported that Christian placed sixth overall at his meet, and even finished with a season-best time. #SLAY