Amidst all of the terrible news from this weekend, here's a bright light: an ABT dancer has saved the life of a New York City homeless man after he fell onto the subway tracks on Saturday night.

Gray Davis was returning from the Metropolitan Opera after watching his wife, fellow ABT dancer Cassandra Trenary, perform in The Golden Cockerel He and his wife were waiting for the train at 72nd Street and Broadway when he saw a man fall onto the tracks.

Davis told The New York Times that "people were screaming to get help. But nobody jumped down. So I jumped down."

The man had hit his head on the tracks and was unconscious, so Davis lifted him up out of the tracks and onto the platform. But he wasn't out of danger yet - as he lifted the man to safety, Davis heard the rumble of an oncoming train. Davis was able to use his training to swing his leg up onto the platform and climb to safety just in time.

Davis has been recovering from a herniated disk injury: Still, he jumped onto the tracks, risking his dance career (aside from his life altogether!)

Police have arrested a 23-year old woman in connection with the incident. We're so glad Davis was there to help - ABT has a hero amongst their ranks!