ABT sweetheart James Whiteside just can't be satisfied, it seems. The man can sing, we KNOW he can dance, and he's featured in some of our favorite music videos (search for JBDUBBS on YouTube). But now he's ventured into a new area - design.

He's just announced a new collaboration with KOIO, a luxury sneaker house. His new shoe, which drops next month, looks like it's sure to be just as unique and gorgeous as James himself.

Each shoe will be made of satin, a nod to James's ballet heritage, and are handmade in a tiny factory in Italy. Each will be stamped with his signature claw, which James himself has tattooed on his ribs.

Want a pair? Of course you do. The shoe will hit the NYC KOIO store on December 2nd, but brace yourself. Since each pair takes over 4 hours to create, only 120 pairs will be made, and each will be sold for a cool $298.

Keep your eyes peeled for more from James in the future! We're sure this won't be his only fashion collab.