There are few things worse as a dancer than suffering an injury. You're in pain, you're worried about your career and the next show or competition on your calendar. You go to your doctor for help and he tells you to...just take it easy?

As dancers, we know that sure, sometimes you may need to take some time off for more serious injuries. But for other things, there are ways to modify what you're doing to ensure that you are still retaining your technique and healing your body. But where do you find a healthcare practitioner who can help you balance both your career and your health?

Good news, New York dancers - the Actors Fund may have the answer. The organization is working on bringing you doctors who really understand dancers by pairing with Mount Sinai to open a doctor's office specifically for dancers and performers. It's called the Friedman Health Center for the Performing Arts, and will be in Times Square in New York City.

The center will have extended hours to ensure that dancers who are dealing with long and stressful schedules will still be able to seek medical help. It will also be designed to work with a variety of health insurance providers, and is prepared to be flexible as the insurance system may begin to shift (something that will be particularly stressful on dancers).

Not a member? No worries - the Actors Fund provides a variety of services to anyone in the performing arts. You can go to a Dancers' Resource group to receive support while dealing with an injury, seek counsel from a financial adviser, and even get personalized health insurance counseling to figure out what sort of options are available to you. Stay healthy, dancers!