The latest ad for the Apple HomePod is on another level of creative, probably due to the fact that Spike Jonze is the man behind the project. The famed director has once again brought an advertisement to life with the help of dancer, singer, and songwriter FKA Twigs.

So first, what is the HomePod? It's probably similar to something you have in your home already, like an Amazon Echo or Google Pod. And the ad does a pretty good job of making this new addition stand out from the crowd by keeping it simple, but creative. The ad starts by showing us how Twigs’ character is tired from a long day of work. She looks like your average run-down white collar gal, but when she walks into her apartment she asks Siri to play a song that she likes. Siri says “okay, now playing…,” and then a psychedelic dance/ alternate reality thing starts to take place. The girl starts altering the state of the furniture all while dancing through the apartment. She even clones herself at one point and steps through a mirror into another reality. So what is Apple trying to say?

Well, it's safe to say that the majority of dance tries to communicate a message.The vibe we’re getting is, an “Apple HomePod can do more than just answer questions and turn your lights on and off. It can help escape the reality and normalcy of your life". It's as if they're saying that the Apple HomePod can help you feel like you're not at home. And sometimes we all need a little escape...right?

Moreover, any ad that supports the arts gets a thumbs up if you ask me.