The dancing duo Ayo and Teo have come out with a new dance challenge that is sure to spark some beautiful change. The two young men have partnered with for the “Give A Spit About Cancer” campaign, in order to raise awareness for the bone marrow registry and opportunity to donate marrow for those suffering from blood cancer.

The challenge is simple and so is the dance. All you have to do is post a video of yourself doing the swab dance and use the hashtag #SwabChallenge. Ayo and Teo teach the steps in a easy to follow video, and they also discuss the importance of racial diversity in bone marrow donation. There need to be people from all walks of life donating so that people from various backgrounds, who have blood cancers, have equal access to new life.

So how can you get involved? Join the challenge, or better yet, donate marrow and save a life! We’re all for dance challenges that make a difference, so get up, get out, and donate.