You know them for their dresses, their shoes, and of course their irresistible purses...but for dance? Barney's has really taken it to the next level with their newest collaboration with the Martha Graham Company and Samsung. You may want to make your way over to a Barney’s flagship store - not to buy the latest bag, but to see the latest Graham performance.

The iconic fashion company has partnered with Samsung to create a virtual reality experience unlike any other. The Martha Graham Company can be seen through the VR glasses dancing while sporting the latest Barney’s designs. However, it’s not exactly the young hot fashion show you might be thinking of. The performance includes four principal company members, but it also includes eight past company members who range in age all the way up to seventy years old. This is a great example of Martha Graham herself, who danced well into her later years in life.

So what’s the theme? What are you supposed to walk away with? It seems that it’s up to the viewer, who has the rare experience of being an audience of one. The idea is that the performance will make the viewer look into their own self, all while observing the dancers moving through their own journey. It sounds powerful, intriguing, and flat out majestic. Hands up if you’re planning a shopping trip this weekend!