Dancers often double as waiters and waitresses to make ends meet, but did you know that they can also work as restaurant choreographers.

While restaurant choreography is a little more tame than your average full length ballet, there are quite a few things that they have in common. Tempo, non-verbal movement, spacial awareness, and graceful exits and entrances are all a part of the new restaurant routine. Many of the new swanky LA joints are hiring choreographers to teach their staff how to optimize guest experience. Makes you start to think Disney wasn’t too far off with the whole “Be Our Guest” dance sequence thing.

The artistic director of BODYART, Leslie Scott, was hired to be a restaurant choreographer; “I went into it thinking it would be almost like movement coaching, but the amount of dance terminology, spatial composition, effort and tempo decisions left me feeling each experience couldn't be more of a choreography gig if I tried.”

So remember pluggers, there’s always another use for your gifts and talents. Who knows, maybe the restaurant around the corner from you is hiring.