Dance is taking over the film industry lately, and we are 👏 here👏 for👏 it. Here’s the latest in the Hollywood saga - Alvin Ailey and his life story is being adapted into a film.

That’s right - legendary African-American dancer and choreographer will be the subject of a new movie by Fox Searchlight. And it seems like the production company is taking all the right steps to make it as factual and fabulous as possible - they’ve partnered with the Ailey Organization, which is in charge of the companies (Ailey I and Ailey II), as well as the school and community outreach program.

There are some pretty big names involved already. In addition to Ailey artistic director emerita Judith Jamison and artistic director Robert Battle, singer/songwriter Alicia Keys will be one of the producers.

Fox has also secured the rights to Ailey’s 1996 biography “Alvin Ailey: A Life In Dance” written by Jennifer Dunning. No word on a release date yet, but we can’t wait to see the final product!