Dance is expensive… plain and simple. A dancer who is involved in just a couple of different styles of dance needs at least two different kinds of shoes, leotards, tights... the list goes on and on. So just imagine a dancer who is involved in three or more styles of dance; between shows and competitions, they could need thousands of dollars worth of dance supplies a year. Thankfully, there are people who want to offer a helping hand!

The Boston Dance Alliance has been able to supply dancers with over $36,000 of dance supplies within the past two years. And this year, Capezio has helped out by donating 1,000 ballet slippers (the total of which is valued at $25,000). This very generous gift has allowed the Boston Dance Alliance to reach their goal of continuing to support dancers in the greater Boston area, and the dancers could not be more grateful. Dancers who otherwise might not be able to afford dance are able to show up to class in the proper gear with confidence and style.

What’s truly amazing about this kind donation made by Capezio is that it is the first direct corporate donation to the Boston Dance Alliance… ever! Way to show up and show out with an awesome act of love, Capezio. As dancers we can all agree that this sport is hard enough by itself, but add financial hardship to the mix and its a whole new ballgame. So three cheers for Capezio and the Boston Dance Alliance!